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Steven Sidorovski

Steven Sidorovski

Solicitor Director

Belinda Sidorovski

Belinda Sidorovski


Zenith Legal is here to make your life easier

Our principal Steven Sidorovski was determined to build a client focused approach in providing legal services powered by technology to serve the needs of clients in a transforming world. The majority of our clients are busy property investors working hard today to build of their future.  On the flip side we also act for home buyers getting into the market for the first time seeking to develop an estate plan to better protect themselves and their loved ones for the future.


Our difference

We think outside the box and make the law work for you.

How you ask? Simply by doing the following:-



We always keep up to date with all relevant changes in the law (this happens more frequently than you can imagine), which is why we only specialize in certain areas of law to dedicate our time and effort in ensuring you always get the most comprehensive and up to date information relating to your matter.



We use our “getting to know our client needs formula” because you are unique and your legal needs require specific attention. Why you ask? Because a standardized approach may provide you with a fair result, however not the best outcome for you. For example, you as an investor may be purchasing a property to develop down the track and restrictions may prohibit certain types of development on the land. Another example may be if you are purchasing a unit to live in and have a beloved pet, however the strata by-laws prohibit you from keeping a pet. These are issues that we ensure you are made aware of.



We never miss a deadline! How you ask? We use both traditional and modern ways of marking deadlines in our calendars, we value technology and embrace it as much as possible whilst using traditional paper based filling because backup plans are essential to best protect your rights. When it comes to deadlines in the legal worlds, 5 minutes past a deadline may turn to be the most expensive 5 minutes of your life!



Technology has evolved to a level once unimaginable. Your needs are evolving faster than the average solicitor and your time is valuable whereby your work may not be confined to “9 to 5” at the office. No matter what your situation is, be assured that we are here to help you and work around your lifestyle. We enjoy meeting you in person, but if that is not convenient for you – no problem, we will use technology to better serve your needs communicating online via our virtual law firm platforms.

From traditional to virtual law firm or a combination of both, we offer whichever form of communication best serves your needs, so be assured that the quality of service will always remain premium.

Did you know that over 90% of our clients have never visited our office but still feel a part of the Zenith Legal family and have returned to us over and over again? On average each client has used us for 3+ transactions in the short term of our existence – numbers speak volume and loyalty means excellence, right?