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WA Conveyancing

Conveyancing is the legal process of transferring property ownership from one party to another. In Western Australia, conveyancing involves a series of tasks and legal obligations to ensure that property transactions are conducted smoothly and in compliance with the law. Engaging a licensed settlement agent or solicitor is common practice in WA to handle the legal aspects of property transactions. These professionals have specialised knowledge and expertise in conveyancing to ensure that all necessary steps are taken to complete the transaction correctly.


Most properties in Western Australia are sold through an offer and acceptance process. A buyer makes a formal offer in writing to buy a property by preparing an Offer and Acceptance (O&A) contract. The O&A contract outlines the terms and conditions of the transaction, including the purchase price, deposit, settlement date, and any special conditions.

It is advisable to seek legal advice and conduct thorough due diligence before signing the O&A contract to ensure that all necessary information and obligations are properly addressed. The seller, sometimes called the vendor, can either make a counteroffer, reject the offer, or accept it and communicate that acceptance to the buyer.

There is no mandatory cooling-off period in Western Australia.


Conducting property searches is a critical step in the conveyancing process in WA. Searches are conducted to identify any potential issues or encumbrances that may affect the property, such as easements, caveats, or outstanding rates. Common searches include title searches, land tax searches, and local authority searches. These searches help ensure that the property is free from any undisclosed interests or liabilities.

Stamp Duty (Transfer Duty)

Stamp duty is a state tax imposed on the transfer of property ownership. The amount of stamp duty payable varies depending on the purchase price and the nature of the transaction. Buyers are responsible for paying stamp duty, and it is important to factor this cost into the overall budget when purchasing a property.


The settlement process is the final stage of conveyancing, where the legal transfer of property ownership takes place. Settlement involves the exchange of legal documents, payment of the purchase price, and registration of the transfer of ownership. It is crucial to ensure that all necessary funds are available for settlement and that the necessary paperwork is properly executed.


During the conveyancing process, the settlement agent or solicitor will also liaise with financial institutions, arrange for the discharge of any existing mortgages, and handle the payment of outstanding rates and taxes. They will also assist in the calculation and payment of any adjustments in the purchase price, such as rates and strata levies.

Dispute Resolution

Disputes can arise during the conveyancing process, such as breaches of contract, non-disclosure of defects, or issues with property boundaries. In such cases, seeking legal advice and exploring dispute resolution options, including negotiation or mediation, can help resolve conflicts efficiently. As experienced property solicitors, we are well equipped to handle any disputes or issues in your property conveyance.

How can Zenith Legal help with your WA Property Transaction?

If you are thinking of buying or selling property, look no further than our team of highly qualified property law solicitors. We practise in New South Wales, Queensland, and Western Australia, making us a great choice whether you are buying or selling locally, or investing interstate.

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